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California solo artist writes old-fashioned, no-frills rock. Electric/acoustic combinations, wise vocals and simple riffs reveal the content personality of a man who takes what life gives him. - Doug R.

Doug Russell   
Staff Writer
Specialties: Experimental, Punk
Born: Santa Monica, Calif.
Raised: Los Angeles.
Died: Graceland.

from Slyder's Guest Book-
Jimmy Hunter Wednesday, 9/29/99, 4:40 PM
One thing about this Slyder dude: He always tops himself in everything he does. He jumps in, does what he has to do to get comfortable and then rises and surpasses his prior efforts to date. Look for him in future Cazador produced projects to show you this truth time and again. Now that's hard to believe cuz this CD of his already kicks royal BEEhind from one cut to the next. Slyder captures the essential essenses of raw abandon, urgency, and the sexual passion required in rock and roll on the planet as we know it to move you in all the right places. (Jimmy Hunter/producer of Slyder, Cazador Studios/Hollywood.
From: Hollywood, California
Web Site:  Cazador
I welcome your ideas ;-):  good luck in all endeavors.
"Slyder's full-length CD is an obvious labor of love".
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