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I've been writing and recording songs for the past twenty plus years.  In 1998 and
1999, I recorded my first CD in a professional studio (Cazador, Hollywood). 
That full length album of eclectic, melodic rock is called "Lost Babies".
I completed my second album "Open Channel " (Final Mix, Campbell, CA)
in December 2001.  This CD was a lot of fun and came together nicely. 
You can download stereo MP3 files of Slydersongs on various MP3  pages.  I'm currently accepting bookings for acoustic performances.  If you like soulful rock-n-roll, you'll savor the flavor of these morsels.  Your feedback is important, feel free to e-mail me .  Both CDs are available for purchase via secure on-line retail outlets (see purchase page).  Thanks & Enjoy!
Slyder (AKA: Leo Nicholas Lemon - BMI affiliated artist)

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